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or 25.000 miles manufacturer's guarantee

We proudly back our Nautosphere Voyager range of sailcloth with a generous 6 years manufacturer's guarantee against sail shape deformation. This guarantee covers material defects which, to a reasonable extent, affect the shape of the sail when sailing. This is your guarantee that your sail will maintain a good shape for many years and miles to come.

The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, nor does it cover defects that are caused by lack of maintenance or protection. You must therefore care for your sail as usual and have it repaired by your sailmaker, if and when required. You must also keep your sail well protected against UV radiation and sunlight whenever the sail is not in use.

Please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions below. 



Terms & Conditions

Covered by our manufacturer’s guarantee on Nautosphere Voyager is any material defect which, to a reasonable extent, adversely affect the shape of the sail when sailing, which appear within 6 years from the date of purchase of the sail and within the first 25.000 nautical miles sailed thereafter, with the exceptions and conditions listed below.

Material defects not covered:

Material defects that are unrelated to the manufacturing process of the sailcloth, for example defects caused by fire, exposure to temperatures higher than 70C (158F) or lower than -20C (-4F), exposure to aggressive chemicals or defects caused by excessive abrasion against rough or sharp objects or surfaces.

Material defects caused by insufficient protection of the sail against UV or sunlight.

Material defects that would have been avoided if the sail had been timely serviced or repaired

Defects in any material or hardware used by the sailmaker, other than the Nautosphere Voyager sailcloth, such as for example  tapes, ropes, lines, patch material, UV protecting cloth, battens, batten pockets, sail hardware, seam tape and sewing thread.

Sails not covered:


Sails that are not made according to our sailcloth application guide.

Sails on yachts that have been used regularly for charter.

Sails on yachts that have been used professionally.

Sails that have been used on a different yacht than the one it was built for.

Sails used for offshore racing.

Filing a claim


A claim under this guarantee must be filed by the owner of the sail and yacht, within 6 years from date of purchase, and must include a dated proof of purchase. The owner of the sail must return the sail to the sailmaker where it was originally bought or to Nautosphere Ltd. Upon request, the owner must also provide all relevant information for Nautosphere Ltd to evaluate the claim.


Repair or replacement of a sail

If a claim is justified, Nautosphere Ltd will either repair or replace the sail. A repair will be carried out if the shape and fit of the sail can be restored in a lasting way and only if a smaller number of panels are affected by the defect. If such a repair is not possible or not practical, Nautosphere Ltd will replace the sail. In case of a replacement we reserve the right to reuse some or all sail hardware from the sail that is being replaced. Repair or replacement of a sail does not reset this guarantee.

Other terms

This guarantee follows the yacht and sail together. Future owners of the yacht and sail are also covered.

The 25.000 miles limit to this warranty is counted as the total number of nautical miles sailed by the yacht, from the original date of purchasing the sail, including miles sailed while the sail was not in use.

A change of ownership of the sail does not reset the number of years or miles sailed.

This guarantee does not affect your  statutory rights.

Nautosphere Navigator sailcloth is covered under identical terms, as listed above, except the guarantee is limited to 3 years or 10.000 miles sailed, whichever happens first.

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