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Made with Dyneema 


New Standards For Woven Sailcloth


Nautosphere Voyager is woven with Dyneema,  a strong and durable fibre, ideal for offshore and performance cruising. This high-performance fibre is far from the only feature that makes this sailcloth stand out. A patented technology creates an extremely high fibre density, higher than in any other woven sailcloth. The result is a big step up in both performance and durability. 

Nautosphere Voyager is the ideal choice for yachts up to 60 ft. It offers performance very close to that of a laminate, combined with the reliability and durability of a woven sailcloth. And with a generous warranty against sail shape deformation, we have made it an easy choice, too. 


and even attractive prices. Understand our technology and find out why these - seemingly contradicting - claims aren't contradicting at all

Higher performance, Improved durability 

...I just wanted to let you know that the main sail we made with your sailcloth is back in Valencia, and in very good shape after more than 25.000 miles and very, very heavy winds....I would estimate at least 10-15.000 miles above 30 knots and 500-1.000 above 40 knots....up to 65 knots. I believe the sail could go one more round.

Massimo V, Skipper on a Wauquiez 43, after having completed a full  circumnavigation.

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